How to get Get Fit in the Pool While Having Fun


It’s no secret that water workouts are some of the most beneficial exercises for the entire body. The good news is there are many ways to get fit in the pool that don’t actually feel like a workout. Aquaman Pools offers some “sneaky” ways to get fit in the pool, while having a blast too! 

Water Walk — Simply walking around the shallow end of the swimming pool can be an extremely effective workout. Water provides resistance that a stroll around the neighborhood just can’t offer. So turn on some tunes, pour a glass of lemonade and get walking! Even marching in place can create the same result of a water walk, or for a more challenging workout, do some lunges, leg lifts or even handstands.

Play Ball — Active families can ‘have a ball’ in the pool while getting a great workout with the help of a volleyball net or basketball hoop on the side of the pool or floating atop the surface. Moving around in the pool is great exercise to begin with, add in a little friendly competition, and a game can quickly turn into a great calorie-burning sweat session.

Take a Water Aerobics Class — Water aerobics is a fantastic workout and is great for all fitness levels. Because water naturally supports the body, it’s easier on the joints and muscles than high-impact cardio outside the water. A water aerobics workout is also a heart-friendly exercise, because it puts less strain and pressure on the heart and water exercises have been shows to help decrease high blood pressure too.

Weigh it Out — Water weights designed for the ankles and waist, as well as water dumbbells, are all great accessories to help dial in a great water workout and add more resistance for a more effective result.

Kick it Up — With the use of a kickboard, do some splashing or use the support of the side of the pool and do some leg lifts. Once again, the resistance of the water helps to ignite these leg exercises.

Dive in — Simply enjoying the swimming pool the way a child might, jumping into the pool to make the biggest splash or diving down to touch the bottom can also result in a great workout. So have fun!

The swimming pool is all about having fun in, but it can be a great source of exercise and relaxation too. Prior to swimming, make sure the water is perfectly balanced and clean for a more enjoyable experience. The professional pool technicians at Aquaman Pools are always happy to help with that task so homeowners can get right to the enjoyment part of pool time.


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