How to Keep the Pools Clean and Clear All Year Round

Having a swimming pool in the backyard doesn’t just provide for years of fun and memory-making (though that really is the best part, right?), the pool also adds an element of ambiance and aesthetic to an outdoor oasis. But that’s only if the pool is properly maintained so it looks crystal clear, clean and inviting every day of the year (even if it’s too cold to swim!). Aquaman Pools offers some easy ways to keep the pool looking gorgeous all year round.

Keep a Schedule
The pool should receive a little TLC on a weekly basis to keep it properly maintained. However, some things on the “pool care” list may need to be done more often, some less. For example, skimming the pool may need to be done daily for pool owners with trees, bushes or other foliage that drop leaves or flowers into the pool, while others may be able to skip that chore every other day. Regardless of the exact schedule, it’s important that pool owners keep on top of it to ensure those items that do need to be done (such as weekly testing of chemicals/water levels) do in fact get done. (This is where having a pool technician handling these little details really comes in handy!)

Skim the Surface
Speaking of those leaves, flowers and other debris that lands in the pool… they can really cause some damage if given enough time to gather up. They can not only clog the filters, they can sink to the bottom and stain the pool’s interior. Clearing them out also ensures that pool’s phosphate levels stay low, which means that algae doesn’t have a food source to snack on… So skimming on a regular basis is a must.

Suck it Up, Buttercup
Or at least put the vacuum to work on that! While skimming takes care of the pool’s surface, the vacuum does the dirty work down under, sucking up debris along the pool floor and dirt along the sides.

Brush, Brush, Brush
Brushing the tiles, corners and those other hard-to-reach spots that the vacuum may not be able to get into to is another great way to keep the pool looking sparkling clean. Brushing with a proper pool brush is another key way to keep algae from setting up camp. Remember — a brush a day keeps algae away!

Chemical Check
Balanced water is clean water. Pool owners should ensure on a regular basis that the water’s pH is within range. If it, or the water’s alkalinity, gets off track, it needs to be rebalanced as soon as possible.

Check the Equipment
A regular “checkup” to ensure the pool’s equipment and filtration systems are doing their jobs is another key way to keep the pool looking beautiful all year round. For pool owners that may need a little help in this area, a professional pool technician from Aquaman Pools can easily detect any issues and provide preventative maintenance on equipment, which is vital to the pool’s overall health.

Be Wise, Sanitize
In the age of COVID, sanitizing is essential! And that goes for the pool too… Whether using traditional chlorine tabs or a salt generator, proper chlorination is essential for keeping the pool water clean.

Aquaman Pools takes pool cleanliness and safety very seriously and can help with the most basic pool service (and even that “basic” pool service includes a 24-point inspection process with every visit!). Aquaman Pools’ technicians treat every pool they service as their own — keeping pools clean and safe for families all over the valley.


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