How to Know When it’s Time to Switch Pool Service Companies

Pool service companies are a dime a dozen here in the land of a million swimming pools. But that doesn’t mean they all offer the same quality service or prices. It’s the job of a qualified and professional pool company to service the pool properly and to assist with additional needs as the client requests. But if the homeowner is continually not happy with the service, it might be time to find a new pool company. Aquaman Pools offers the following three ways that might indicate it’s time to switch pool service companies — plus what to look for in a new one.

Poor Service — Homeowners hire a pool service company to do just that — service the pool and keep it clean, healthy and sparkling clear so it’s ready to dive in at moment’s notice. But if the pool is continually cloudy, dirty (if cleaning and sweeping is part of the service), green or otherwise unfit to swim in, there might be a problem in how the pool is being serviced — or lack of actual service.

Lack of Communication — It’s very likely that at some point or another there will be a problem with the pool, or the service and the homeowner will need to contact the company for help. Reaching an individual to communicate the issue shouldn’t be a problem, right? If a pool owner is having trouble even reaching their current pool service company, or hearing back from them, that is a red flag.

Increasing Costs — As with nearly every industry, the pool service industry is also dealing with supply shortages and cost increases. Some companies may need to raise their prices to stay afloat (no pun intended). However, a huge (and sudden) increase in a client’s usual bill for the same service might be a sign that it’s time to look for another company that can do the job without a major price spike.

Keep in mind that right now, a lot of companies are struggling due to the many changes that occurred as a result of the pandemic. Pool service companies may be having labor and employee shortages or increased supply and chemical prices. If a homeowner has been happy with their pool service company for many years, they may consider these things to be a bump in the road — and hopefully the company can make it right. However, if the company is repeatedly unable to do the job as promised or is requiring heavy cost increases, it may be time to look for another reputable company to do the job right.

When looking for a new pool service company, ask friends and neighbors — first-hand referrals are a great way to get insight. Always get an estimate from a potential new pool service company, and make sure they have the proper licensing and certifications. A little research on the internet, such as checking with the Better Business Bureau is another good way to find out more about a pool service company’s standing. As always, Aquaman Pools is standing by and would be happy to take on the role of pool service company for any valley homeowner!


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