How to Plant Fall Foliage and Keep a Super Clean Pool

Now that it’s fall, Green Thumbs are getting their gardening gear together and heading out to plant for the season. While the weather is definitely ideal for it, there are some things pool owners should consider before planting bushes, trees and flowers around the pool. Aquaman Pools offers three simple tips when planting this fall:

Keep a Distance — Social distancing is even important when it comes to plants and pools! Not in the name of COVID spread, but rather for the spread of “organic load” (flowers, leaves, etc.) that drops from trees, plants and other foliage (especially in the fall and winter). These droppings can quickly clog a pool’s skimmer basket, vacuum, filter and eventually pool pump, so it’s a good idea for people to plant flowering/dropping foliage farther away from the pool. Another reason to keep the pool area clear of shrubbery is that as it grows (and sometimes gets overgrown) it can become a safety hazard along the pathways of the pool, which should always be kept clear.

Keep it Simple — There are some plants that are more ideal that others to place around the pool area for visual appeal without the worry of droppings or overgrowth. For example, cactus or succulents can add a beautiful aesthetic to a natural desert landscape without worry of petals or leaves ending up in the pool.

Keep it Maintained — Finally, taking proper care of plants and the pool can ensure the two can live in harmony while adding to the beauty and atmosphere of homeowners’ backyard oases. That means keeping bushes and trees well-manicured and pulling dead leaves or flowers off before they have a chance to fall. For the pool, that means skimming the surface every day, emptying the skimmer basket, and checking equipment to ensure it’s working properly and not bogged down with any excess debris. For those that are not up for this task on the daily, consider passing this job onto the pool technicians at Aquaman Pools!

This fall, there are a variety of ways to plant without interfering with the pool. Having a designated area for trees, plants and bushes that tend to drop more organic load is actually a great way to create a beautiful “secret garden” in the backyard, for example. So get creative with planting this fall, and call Aquaman Pools with any pool care needs.


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