Hydro Workouts to Level Up a Fitness Routine

Hydro Workouts to Level Up a Fitness Routine

When COVID mandates forced gyms around the country to close its doors in 2020, many fitness enthusiasts had to get creative with their routine workouts. Many people jumped on the Peloton craze, created mini gyms in their homes or added fitness walls in their garage… and some took to nature to get fit. But one thing many people may have overlooked is the amazing workout that can be done in the water! Pool owners can get fit in their own backyard with a wet workout that is sure to work up a sweat. Here are some ways to get a great workout in the pool.


The concept of water aerobics may conjure up images of seniors at in their swim caps, but fitness in the water can really burn some serious calories. In fact, athletes can actually workout harder and at higher intensity in the water because “When standing in chest deep water, an athlete only weighs only 10 percent of his or her normal body weight,” according to training-conditioning.com They can also maximize their workouts without putting added pressure or strain on their joints. The site notes that a 30-minute water workout will give comparable benefits to that of a two-hour “land-based” workout thanks to the added resistance of the water.


Regular exercises that one might do in the gym can be done in the water and will maximize the workout. Consider taking a plyo or lunge routine into the pool! Don’t forget to warm up — a simple five to 10 minute walk or jog in the pool with some arm and leg stretching can kick off the water workout. Then level it up with some high knees or jumping jacks. Any moves used in a typical HIIT type workout can be done in the water and will offer the combined benefit of more resistance and less joint pressure.


Water weights are another way to add to the burn of a water workout. Want to add even more resistance to a pool workout? Water weights or dumbbells are made specifically for aquatic exercise. They can help provide buoyancy and stability in the water while also giving even more resistance. There are many types and specific exercises to use them with that can help maximize a water workout.


Simply treading water is a great way to burn calories. Alternate high-intensity treading water with back floating for a balanced workout. The steps, bench and sides of the pool can also be used to help level up a workout with moves like tricep dips to work the upper body. The side of the pool or a kickboard can be used for stability for leg exercises such as flutter kicks, scissor kicks and more.


Aquaman Pools encourages fitness junkies to give a water workout a try. Hydro exercises are a great way to start a workout routine or to add to a regular workout session. So instead of hitting the gym, head out into the backyard and break a sweat!


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