Intriguing Methods for Keeping Your Pool as Private as Possible

If you are one of those who cherishes privacy more than anything else, and you happen to own a pool in your backyard, you certainly do not need to make yourself visible to passersby and neighbors as you attempt to unwind after a long day. After all, isn’t it our right to relax without worrying about a bunch of looky-loos? Lets see how we can achieve this while also making our entire pool area look its best.

Now, in the event that you want a more natural looking pool area, well then there’s nothing better than perennial and annual plants. When you choose your plants you need to make sure that you consider the overall size that they’ll be when they’ve fully matured, what sort of gardening they’ll require, and the amount of wind and light they will block from your pool.

In regards to the most popular species, bamboo is almost always an excellent selection for many. This is because it can grow quickly and does not add any debris to your pool with a bunch of leaves. Besides this, it’s going to grow enough to make for a fantastic privacy screen.

Hedges are another thing that is somewhat similar to bamboo in that they may also prevent possible onlookers from gazing upon your pool place. Also, they will not present a leaf problem as they are known to be evergreen. Nevertheless, you should be aware of the fact that they will need a few seasons to grow tall enough for the intention of hiding your swimming pool area. In other words, unless you’re inclined to buy high hedges, which are generally rather pricey, be prepared to wait a few years.

Layered Plant Screens
Now, should you have a lot of space to plant various things in your backyard, well you can have quite a bit of fun with your plants. You can create something that is more of a layered screen that has a mix of different hedges and other evergreens, then add some of the shrubs known to be a bit more “bushy,” and then you can wrap up your screen with some pretty flowers. This can help with keeping your pool area looking pretty, while also giving you the privacy that you seek.

Wooden Fence
Now, if you don’t want to bother with plants, well there are plenty of other ways of handling your privacy. Dealing with all of that regular gardening isn’t for everyone, after all. One such method is to setup a wooden fence that can be painted to match your house’s landscaping.

Regardless of what you choose, there are plenty of ways to go about getting some privacy for your swimming pool. You just have to think about what suits your needs the best.

Nice to know that the year I spent landscaping back in college is still with me. 😉


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