Is it time to change out the pool filter?

Is it Time to Change Out the Pool Filter?


The pool filter is an essential part of the pool’s equipment. It serves to cycle through and purify the water in the pool, ensuring the water is healthy, safe and clean for swimming. But it does need some TLC. Aquaman Pools’ experts share some pool filter 101 tips about the pool filter, when to change it out and how to care for it.


Simply put, The filtration system gets the dirt and debris that falls into the pool out, leaving the water fresh, clean and sparkling clear. The pump and filter system pulls water through the main drain at the bottom of the pool and the skimmer along the side at the surface of the pool. The water then goes through the strainer pot at the front of the pump. This starts the process of straining out larger bits of dirt and debris before the water is then passed along to the filter.


The filter than does more of a fine-tuning on cleansing the water of smaller particles of dirt and debris. There are many types of filters ­including cartridge, sand and DE filters. Cartridge filters are the most common. They use large sheets of folded cloth or paper to catch and filter the dirt and debris out of the water. While the filter works to clean the pool, it needs to be taken care of, too!


Pool filters cartridges need to be cleaned and will need to be replaced on occasion. On average, the filter should be replaced in the pool every three to five years. When the filter has to be changed can also be dependent on how often the pool is used, whether the pool is properly maintained and how well the current filter is performing. It’s ideal to keep a log of when the filter was last changed and notes on a few of these other elements.


So how can a pool owner tell if it’s time to change out their pool’s cartridge filter? First, take a look! If the filters look tattered or damaged, it’s likely that the cartridge needs to be replaced. If the filters get too worn, they are ineffective at properly filtering out the water.


Pool owners can help prolong the life of their cartridge filters by keeping the pool properly maintained and cleaning the cartridge itself. This can be done by remove any large particles of dirt and debris and using a hose to spray it off, getting in between the pleats.


As always, Aquaman’s professional pool technicians can help pool owners assess their pool and equipment to determine whether it’s time for a filter change or any other repairs that may be needed to ensure the pool equipment is operating properly and the water is clean, clear and safe for swimming!


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