Is Your Scottsdale Pool Cloudy? Check for These Potential Problems (Part 1)

We often get questions like, “Why does my swimming pool have cloudy water?” Well, first let me say this: cloudy or muddy pool water is an indication that the water is dangerous to swim in. So, I thought it’d be good to go over the best way to correct muddy pool water at your house.

Should your pool water look muddy, it means there’s something, or a mixture of stuff, wrong in these facets of a sparkling swimming pool: pool chemistry, filtration, overall flow, or just how clean the pool is. These four things have to be checked to discover where the problem lies at the first hint of your pool water becoming cloudy.

Cleaning That Swimming Pool

The easiest reason that causes a pool water to get muddy is because of excessive debris in the water. Ensure that you skim out all debris, along with cleaning the filters and baskets. You’ll need to look over the chemistry once the pool is cleaned.

Swimming Pool Chemistry

Chemistry that is off is a frequent reason that pool water becomes muddy. When uncovering what the issue is, an initial step after a quick cleaning should be to analyze your water’s chemistry. You should check your chlorine to make sure its in good shape. In addition, you have to assess your alkalinity and pH balance so that you know what sort of levels you’re dealing with. There are 2 primary substance issues that can make muddy water:

This usually occurs in pools that use bleach or calcium hypochlorite without enough acid to maintain the pH.

When you don’t have enough sanitizer in the swimming pool, it can get cloudy. Your free chlorine ought to be above three parts-per-million. The total chlorine ought to be in the same range.

Note: this is part 1 of 2. Stay tuned for part 2 tomorrow! I’ll be covering potential filtration and circulation problems that might be causing your swimming pool to look cloudy.

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