Is Your Scottsdale Pool Cloudy? Check for These Potential Problems (Part 2)

This is the 2nd part of a 2 part series about cloudy pool water. Read the first one here.

Alright, so far we’ve talked about keeping your pool clean and making sure that your pool’s chemistry is in good shape. Total we’ll go over circulation and filtration problems.

Filtration Problems

The problem of a cloudy pool could be from a filtration dilemma in case your chemistry is right. Your filter needs to be functioning correctly to keep your pool water safe and should be cleaned regularly. Determined by the kind of filter you are using in your pool, this could mean replacing, cleaning, or backwashing the filter when needed.

Is it a Cartridge Filter?

You might get pool water that is muddy due to your cartridge filter needing replacement. In case your filter is appearing worn with the ends of the retainer bands broken or turned, it’s likely time for such a replacement. Prior to replacing the old with the new, ensure that your new filter has all the right bits to ensure that is going to filter your water correctly.

Is it a Sand Filter?

Cloudy pool water is often found to be caused by sand filters because of their inefficiency in filtering water. For those who own a sand filter, ensure it is frequently backwashed.

Is it a DE Filter?

Ensure that the grids are fully clean, are undamaged, and that there is no need to backwash your DE filter. Grids that are torn can cause the DE to return to the pool through the pool returns after a backwash takes place, after it’s added to the skimmer. If that is true for your filter, you’ll need to get the filter diagnosed, ensuring that you turn off your pool system so that the pressure is released before taking it apart.

Circulation Problems

Frequently the pool is completely clean and the filter works perfectly, but the chemistry in the water is off regardless of every effort to improve it. What this often will mean is that the circulation system for the pool is working inefficiently, and isn’t actually spreading the chemicals throughout the pool as it should. This in turn will cause the water to turn cloudy.

By ensuring that the return fittings are doing their job you can get the water to start circulating as it needs to. Be sure to take a look at them to see if they’re pointed at a slight downward angle. This will get the water and chemicals pushed down through the pool. You can also synchronize the returns so that the water is moved with a circular movement for increased efficiency.

A great way to avoid having any of these issues with cloudy water is by hiring a wonderful pool service in your area. You save time, headache, and usually quite a bit of money by doing so. Think about it. 😉

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