Keep Your Swimming Pool Safe by Maintaining Your Water Chemistry

The reality of pool water chemistry is that your dream pool can be had by keeping the chemistry stable all the time. Whereas when you have unbalanced pool water, it can create health and safety hazards, not to mention that it will decrease the beauty of your yard. For many beginners keeping their pool chemistry as it needs to be can be quite the challenge.

Many of us recall going to the local pool when we were kids. We’d head out early and claim our spot near the pool, prepared for the joyful day of swimming. For many of us these experiences were the best part of our summer break from school. However, another thing we all likely recall is extremely red eyes that lasted quite a while after swimming.

Our eyes burned due to the chemistry of the pool. Probably, the community center or our city was preparing for the overload of kids by placing an increased amount of chlorine into the pool. But when your pool water chemistry is balanced correctly your irritated, red eyes should be much less of an issue, if not gone completely.

Some of the pool chemistry problems you may have to handle if you’re attempting to deal with your pool’s chemistry levels by yourself are:

Chlorine Problems
Chlorine is something that absolutely needs to be balanced. It is used to keep your pool clean and disinfected. Place too little into your pool and you risk giving your someone a foul disease. Place too much and you might see those pesky red eyes or even something much worse such as respiratory difficulties or burnt skin.

Problems With pH Levels
If the pH is off in your pool, you could end up with an alga overgrowth, or you might create a scenario where the chlorine is unable to disinfect the pool properly. Besides algae overgrowth and potentially burning one’s skin, the plaster of your pool can be ruined by a low pH level.

Storing the Chemicals
Another issue is when kids or pets get into the chemicals you use for your pool. You should keep them in a safe, dry place. The EPA has a safety alert to keep you informed about any possible issues involved when handling and storing chemicals.

Safe Management of Chemicals
These compounds, used to keep your pool healthy and safe, are dangerous and poisonous to your well-being when not managed by professionals who understand what they’re doing. All kinds of things can fail when you try and keep your own pool chemistry in the proper state. “Wetting” is when a bit of water gets into a compound that’s normally watered down a lot in a pool. This can cause an issue of acid sludge. Undoubtedly not something you need in your pool.

Professional Advice
If you make sure to have your pool’s chemistry checked on a regular basis by a pool service professional that is familiar with the place you live in, you should easily be able to expect your pool’s water to be safe for all swimmers. On that same note, if your substances are being improperly kept on your property or when the chemistry of your pool is off, you create an environment that is unhealthy and even dangerous. It’s possible for you to cause lung damage, various sicknesses, burns, or much worse. Put your faith in professionals who know what they’re doing and who you can trust to keep your pool safe, healthy, and fun.

If you need a solid company to help you with your pool’s chemistry, then be sure to give Aquaman Pools LLC a call at (480) 243-7665 or contact us through our online form.


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