Keeping the Environment in Mind With Your Pool

In the last couple of months I have spent a lot of time focusing on compounds and the appropriate treatment to various problems, not to mention the best way to save some cash on chemicals. I am going to discuss some matters you may begin doing right now to not only spend less when it comes to your pool while reducing electricity consumption, but in addition reduce your carbon footprint and be a bit more eco-friendly.

There are 3 prices related to swimming pool possession…when we understand them and what these things are we can get a better grasp on the best way to control the price related to every one of them. These three things are:

  • Electricity costs.
  • Your pool chemicals.
  • Your pool equipement.


I will be spending quite a lot of time addressing electricity consumption and a myriad of other things related to your swimming pool. I believe it is important for everybody to help our ecosystem – we can really make a difference and every little bit does count. I’d like you to keep coming by in the following weeks and months. I will be discussing speed pumps, energy efficient pumps, solar power, and a wide range of wonderful advice you’ll be able to put to work for you instantly.

Now, I will be addressing a number of basic steps one can take immediately to preserve energy, which in turn will help you to save some money.

Here are a couple suggestions to cut back on your own monthly electricity consumption and to conserve some cash:

Cut Back on Gear Run Time

Electricity is something that is consistently becoming increasingly more pricey. By simply cutting down your usage to six hours daily through the summer months and four through the off-season you can save yourself anywhere from ten to twenty dollars each month. This is something so simple that you won’t even notice a change as you are barely even trying with this simple switch up. I wouldn’t go less than that, though.

Higher Speed Pool Pump

A two-speed pool pump is a pump that is pretty regular with an added low-rate winding. This low-rate mode permits filtration to occur at a more economical price per gallon, drastically cutting down on the energy price of one’s swimming pool. With the pump running at a lower rate, it’s going to take a little more time to “turn” the water, but I consider this to be very much worth it.

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