Keeping Your Scottsdale Swimming Pool Crystal Clear

These following crucial principles are going to help you to get that lovely, sparkling pool water that you’ve always wanted, and in no time at all! These are flat out critical if you’re to get the pool you’ve always dreamed of, and are something every single pool service in Scottsdale should be monitoring. To keep clear, clean water, three of the very significant aspects of your pool you should continuously focus on are these: Chemical balance, filtration, and circulation. Let’s break these down.

The very thing to keep in mind when attempting to make sure that your Scottsdale pool is at its best, is its circulation. The pool’s circulation, also known as its movement and water flow, is essential. Without flow or sufficient water movement, the substances you place in your pool cannot do what they’re meant to. The flow of water is vitally important for a long lasting, clean and clear swimming pool. Stagnant water is a breeding ground for algae, and that means you need to ensure that the water is constantly circulating properly. So, make sure your pool pump runs for at least six to eight hours a day.

The next thing you’ll want to focus on is your swimming pool’s filtration. The bottom line in regards to filtration is this: clean water is achieved by a clean filter. Your pool pump helps to ensure that the water moves through the filter daily so that disinfected organic substances and unwanted pollutants are cleaned out ASAP. What’s most essential that you do with respect to filtration, nevertheless, is to be sure that you’re keeping the filters in good shape. What this means is that you should be cleaning or replacing your filters often.

For those who own a sand filter, then be sure the sand in the filter is being consistently cleaned and replaced. The sand ought to be fully swapped out about every two to three years. For those who own a cartridge filter, then be sure you’re cleaning the cartridge as needed. In case your cartridge filter is ten+ years old, then it needs to be cleaned at least every six weeks.

The 3rd fundamental, but essential, thing to do for your pool’s water to ensure that it remains clear and clean is to focus on its chemistry. To be able to make sure the potency of pool chemicals is in the appropriate levels, pool water should be properly balanced in terms of its chlorine, alkalinity, and pH levels. There are other things that are vital as well. Things like the age of the water, metals, phosphates, total dissolved solids, and more.

Having properly balanced pool water happens when every one of your chemical parameters are within the tolerance limitations. Water balance’s most important parameters are temperature, total alkalinity, calcium hardness, and pH.

If any single one of these 3 things listed above are off, it can create a domino effect which will have a negative result in your swimming pool’s overall quality level. If, for instance, you do not have enough circulation, then you can get water clarity issues and start to see algae growing in your pool.

If you can get these 3 fundamental things working properly, you’ll be both surprised and impressed at how well all the other things you do with your pool will end up working. Better yet, you’ll be astounded at how much easier it will be for you to attain and preserve that clean and crystal clear swimming pool you have been wanting.

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