Learn to Deal With Your Pool’s Algae Issue

If you are fighting with alga, either in days gone by or you would just like to be sure you have the knowledge of what to do if it invades your swimming pool, well then make sure you read this brief post.

The most usual cause of alga development (whether it be yellowish, black, pink, or ANY color) is too little free chlorine. Additionally, it may take place in regions of your swimming pool with little amounts of circulation.

Here is what I have discovered to be an effective method of treating alga when you find it taking place if you aren’t going to get someone to help you. Just make sure you try and treat it as soon as possible as without treatment, it’ll fester and multiply quite quickly.

1) Shock the water instantly. A swimming pool can not be over shocked.

2) Ensure all of your swimming pool’s equipment is running properly during this procedure the entire time. Yes, you will spend a bit of extra cash here, but circulation is essential in this procedure. It is essential, I say!

3) Make sure that you are backwashing the filter often. The more clean your filter ends up being the better off this whole process will go. For those who own a cartridge filter make sure to wash off the component a minimum of a couple of times daily in this procedure.

4) When your water becomes a cloudier blue color you can accelerate the process with the addition of a water clarifier to help with clearing the water. I would suggest using this two times a day. Do some backwashing first – in the morning and in the evening.

Well, that’s all there is to it. The fastest strategy to turn around a pool that is suffering with some algae problems. Its really that straight forward.

Keep in mind that shocking the pool is the lone way to kill off algae and bacteria. I honestly hope you have enjoyed this small tidbit on alga and the best way to efficiently remove it from your swimming pool. If you still need help give us a call at (480) 243-7665.


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