Little Things Pool Owners Can do Between Service to Keep the Pool Looking Great

Pool cleaning net

While regular pool service is a vital part of keeping the swimming pool clean, clear, sanitized and safe for swimming, a lot can happen in a week’s time! Routine maintenance from a pool service professional keeps the pool water balanced, but if there is a storm right after service, for example, it can impact the integrity of the pool water. Homeowners can do some super simple things throughout the week to help ensure the pool stays beautiful and dive-in ready between visits.

Run the Vacuum — The automatic vacuum is the pool owner’s best friend. Running this on a regular basis helps cut down on sweeping, brushing and skimming time…

Don’t Skip Skimming — That said, pool owners aren’t entirely off the hook from giving the pool a little scrub and sweep if they want to keep their pool looking spotless in between pool service visits. Naturally, leaves and other organic matter and dust and dirt are bound to settle in the pool so a quick skim along the top of the pool with a net followed up by a gentle brushing along the sides and bottom of the pool can ensure a sparkling clean pool. This is a good habit to get into a few times a week and particularly after a windstorm or monsoon that can bring all sorts of organic load and other items into the pool which can alter the water’s chemical balance and muck up a clean, clear pool.

Keep it Movin’ — Proper circulation is essential for clean and healthy pool water. Stagnant water tends to invite bacteria and algae — and no one wants those diving in and wrecking their pool party. So keep it moving… literally! The pool’s filter pump plays an important role in the pool’s filtration system and circulates the water in the pool. This water filtration process also helps distribute pool chemicals throughout the water, helping to ensure bacteria- and algae-free water that is clear and balanced. In general, the pool pump should be run an average of eight hours per day to allow the system to adequately circulate and clean the pool water.

Keep an Eye Out — Sometimes all it takes is a keen eye to detect something “off” in the water. Between pool service visits, pool owners should keep an eye on their pool water. If it is looking cloudy or murky, the chemical balance could be off. If dust is beginning to collect at the bottom, perhaps the vacuum isn’t going off automatically as it should. Keeping a close eye on the pool is important for early detection of any pool problems. And early detection is vital for ensuring quick, easy and hopefully less expensive repair.

Aquaman Pools encourages pool owners to give their pools a little TLC between service appointments to keep their pools not only looking their best but keeping them healthy too.


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