Maintaining Pool Water After the Rain

It’s rare in the valley that it rains super heavily, but when it does, it’s like a collective sigh of relief for the plants and natural growth that desperately needs it! When a big rain comes through, however, it can make a big mess of the swimming pool — leaving behind loose yard debris, leaves, dirt and dust. Aquaman Pools, the valley’s go-to professional pool cleaning services for areas including Scottdale, Phoenix, and the East and West valleys, offers the following tips for cleaning the pool after a good rain.

Start with the Skimmer — Skimming the pool and removing leaves, branches, particles of palm tree trunks (which are common in the valley) or any other unwanted debris that made its way into the pool via a downpour, should be the first step. Be sure to check filters, empty skimmer baskets, and check the pump strainer and pool cleaning equipment as some of those larger loose pieces can get stuck, causing systems work inefficiently or even break. Brush the sides and bottom of the pool, allowing dirt to accumulate at the bottom — small dust/dirt particles along the surface should not be of concern as the pool vacuum will take care of that once it’s put to work. But first…

Resist the Urge to Drain the Pool — Even if the pool seems very dirty after a hard rainstorm, it’s not a good idea to drain the pool. This can actually cause more damage to the pool because of an elevated water table. So simply cleaning the water is a pool owner’s best bet. If this task seems overwhelming or daunting, know that the Aquaman pools service technicians are highly trained, skilled and have “seen it all” when it comes to cleaning and restoring pool water after a rainstorm, leaving it clean and crystal clear.

Clean, Backwash, Balance… and then Run the Filtration System — The filter may have a lot of work to do to clean the pool after a rainstorm, so before running the filtration system, it’s a good idea to clean and backwash it.  Chemicals may need to be added to rebalance the water as well — so it may be time to call Aquaman for a visit to check the water’s levels. It’s important that pool water is balanced properly for safe swimming. After the water is back to status quo, running the filtration system should be the last step to achieving a sparkling clean pool after a good rain storm.

Rain or shine, Aquaman Pools’ technicians are ready and able to take care of a pool in any condition and to leave it sparkling clean and ready to enjoy! For any questions, call them today!


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