Maintaining the Pool in the Winter

Maintaining the Pool in the Winter


Pool owners in Phoenix don’t generally need to bother with winterizing or covering their pool in the off season. Pools often serve as a central aesthetic for Valley backyards and it’s rare that Phoenicians need to worry about snow. In fact, some “polar bear clubbers” may even enjoy a cold-water dip throughout the fall and winter. But there are some tips for caring for the pool in the wintertime. The experts at Aquaman Pools offers the following things pool owners should do to keep their pool clean, clear and sanitized during the off season, particularly after a heavy rain or strong windstorm.


Test the Waters — Keeping the water chemically balanced is one of the most important things pool owners can do to maintain clear and healthy pool water. This should be done on a weekly basis with a test kit. Pool owners can get one at a local pool store or even take their water in to a pool store to get tested. Of course, with a company like Aquaman Pools, testing the water is just one part of the weekly service that ensures the pool water is clean, clear and sanitized.


Sweep and Skim — A heavy rain or windstorm can impact the water in multiple ways. Rain can actually alter the chemical balance of the water, and foliage, debris, and dust swept into the pool from strong winds can do the same — and even stain the interior of the pool walls if left behind for too long. After a winter storm, a thorough skimming of the surface of the water, as well as brushing and sweeping the walls, benches and steps of the pool (paying extra attention to the places the automatic vacuum might miss) can ensure the pool water stays clean. Build-up of debris in the filters can also cause clogging, which not only impacts the circulation of the pool (another important aspect of maintaining a healthy pool) but it can damage equipment over time.


Check the Equipment — Speaking of that, it’s a good idea to check the pool pump, filter and other equipment after a heavy rain or windstorm. Leaks and cracks that start small can impact the quality of the pool water and lead to costly repairs — so it’s a good idea to keep an eye on equipment throughout the winter when the pool isn’t getting as much attention. Early detection is always ideal, and hopefully less costly.


Aquaman Pools reminds pool owners that while pool care is a year-round job, it’s one that their professional technicians are happy to take on. So call today and let Aquaman get the pool looking fabulous throughout the winter and every season.





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