Make Sure You Brush Your Swimming Pool

Making sure that you are regularly giving your pool a good brush is something you’ll want to do to keep the finish looking wonderful. you ever had some jeans that weren’t washed as often as they should have been? They end up getting stained. This is because the dirt becomes stuck in the fabric of the pants and then they always look that color.

The exact same thing can happen to your plaster, pebble, quartz, and other kinds of finishes. If you leave it alone and never use a brush on it, it can end up staining.

Brushing Correctly
Ensure that the bristles are in good shape; if you leave them in sunlight they’ll deteriorate over time. For those who own a pool/hot tub combo get all regions of the hot tub and properly brushed. You simply run the brush over the place that you need and let the bristles work their magic.

Spots to Leave Alone
The majority of individuals do not brush the pool’s floor, and honestly that’s fine for many of them. Provided that your pool has an automatic pool cleaner using a tail, it’s going to scrub the floor for you. Now, in case your pool cleaner does not have a tail then its best to brush the flooring yourself. This part can be a big annoyance, so its a solid reason to get yourself a nice pressure side pool cleaner if you don’t already have one. Just keep in mind that that won’t go and brush or clean the hot tub in any way.

When you brush your swimming pool you keep it nice, clean, and smooth. When you leave it alone the dirt that builds up tends to make it much more rough. You should take the time to brush it every week, or hire a pool service company to help you. If you’re in the Scottsdale or Phoenix area then be sure to give us a call at (480) 243-7665 if you find yourself needing some help with your pool.


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