Making Sure You Get the Correct Swim Wear for Your Kids

It can be hard to find proper swimming gear for ourselves, and finding it for kids can be even more of a challenge. Let’s take a look at some of the things to keep in mind when you go out to find the correct swim wear for your kids.

Finding proper sizes for a kid who wants to go swimming is easily one of the largest issues you’ll encounter when you try to find them something usable. All the different brands often use different types of ways to decide on their sizes. This is why its useful for you to be aware of your kid’s measurements.

A commonly used way of determining sizing is based on years, just as an example. Not the best information to go on since there are so many different shapes and sizes to children regardless of their ages. Height is another way of sizing that is used, and is going to be a bit more accurate than age.

How They Fit
Just as you see with swimming gear for adults, there are a ton of different fittings for kids. Keep in mind what type of things your kids will be doing when they’re in the water. This can change what type of clothing you get for them by quite a bit. More coverage, less coverage, stretchiness, and more. You should also keep in mind things like protection from UV rays, as they can help more than just using sunblock.

Boy Styles
Basically you’re going to have 3 different kinds of styles for boys to wear. You have the tight trunks that work well for water sports and swimming, but they aren’t all that comfortable. Then you have the loose fitting trunks that are still shorter and high on the leg. Then you have the most commonly seen type these days, the board shorts. These go down to about the knee in general, and offer good coverage. They do drag in the water, though, so they’re not idea for any sort of sports in the water.

Girl Styles
There are quite a few styles out there today for girls to wear. there’s the full length suits which are a bit like a wetsuit, but much thinner, and have longer arms and legs. There’s the shorter version of these with short sleeves and a suit that goes down to the knees, of course. Then you have your normal suits that often use shoulder straps and some sort of bottoms. Lastly you have the 2 piece swimwear; bikinis and tankinis, of course. Always keep coverage and potential sun exposure in mind here.

Well, there you have it. Hopefully this helps you to find the right swim wear for your kids so that you can get out to that pool and start having fun!

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