Monsoon Proofing a Pool Before a Storm

A few weeks back, Aquaman Pools offered some tips on how to care for the pool after a monsoon storm. Now the company is back on the storm subject — but this time discussing how to prepare the pool in advance of a storm to help protect it. Aquaman Pools LLC offers the following tips to protect and prepare the pool before a storm.

Cleaning the pool by running the pump and filters prior to a storm may seem like washing the car before it’s about to rain. However, making sure the pool water is well circulated and clean of debris will help avoid the issue of the pumps and filters getting clogged, especially when hit with blowing dust and debris typical of a monsoon storm that will cause the pool equipment to work overtime.

When the sky starts looking like it might give the valley some rain, it’s a good idea to turn off any electrical equipment (pump, filters, motor, etc.) and cover it with waterproof covers, if possible, to protect the exterior of the equipment itself and also help prevent any electrical issues.

Heavy rains and the blowing of debris and dust can do a number on the pool water’s chemical balance. So before a storm hits, it’s a good idea to make sure the pool’s chemistry is stabilized. Pool owners may even want to add an algae controller to help kill off any bacteria a storm may blow into the pool.

Save the floaties! Any pool owner can attest to the fact that pool floaties are the first things to take flight during a monsoon. So when preparing for a storm, batten down the hatches by removing floats from the pool and storing them in a place that they can’t “float” off. It’s also a good idea to bring in any loose pool towels or toys that are lingering around the pool and make sure that potentially breakable or fragile items are tucked safely inside. Finally, clean up the landscaping including any dried leaves or dropped flowers that can easily get swooped into the pool with a gust of wind and make sure there aren’t any loose or damaged limbs that could break off and end up in the bottom of the pool. Broken shards of plant pottery or a large limb can wreak havoc on pool filters.

Regardless of how well a pool owner preps the pool, it’s inevitably going to end up with some amount of debris, dust and possible chemical imbalance after a storm. Post-monsoon, it’s best to address any messes and potential damage as soon as possible and handle it as soon as possible to avoid costly repairs. Aquaman Pools’ technicians are standing by and happy to help restore a pool to its clean, crystal clear state after a monsoon.


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