Must-Have Accessories for New Pool Owners

Swimming pool cleaner

Whether moving into a new house that has an existing pool or having just built one — Aquaman Pools wishes new pool owners congratulations! A backyard swimming pool is a great source of fun, exercise, relaxation, family bonding time and it can create lifelong memories for homeowners. Along with the fun of a swimming pool, there are some basics pool owners should know about, and some must-have accessories that will keep the water clean, clear and safe. Aquaman Pools team of pool professionals offers the following tips:

Chemicals — The proper chemicals are key to a sanitized and safe swimming pool. Chlorine, shock, hydrochloric acid, sodium carbonate and cyanuric acid are some of the most common chemicals used in the swimming pool. Chlorine is used to kill bacteria and algae as well as to oxidize and remove other materials such as dirt. Shocking the pool is a way to super chlorinate the water, which is often needed in the summertime during high use periods or after a major rainstorm when the chemical balance of the water has been disturbed.

Test Strips — A test kit and strips can be found at the local pool store or hardware store and are essential resources for pool owners. These simple-to-use items can help a new pool owner test the water to determine the levels of chemicals in the water and what needs to be added to keep the water balanced. Test kits and strips generally measure the levels of alkalinity, pH, chlorine, hardness, cyanuric acid and bromine (a substitute for chlorine) in the water. Results can help the pool owner determine what needs to be added to the water to re-establish balance.

Automatic Vacuum — Yes, there are manual vacuums, but an automatic vacuum is really a busy pool owner’s new best friend. There are a variety of types, and they are an investment initially, but they are a great time saver and keep the pool looking dive in ready at almost any given moment.

Skimmer Net and Brush — … Noticed that word ‘almost’ in the previous sentence? Well, it’s true. The vacuum does a great job sucking up dirt and debris within the pool, sometimes it needs a little manual help. A skimmer net attached to a long, adjustable pole can make easy work of skimming the surface of the water for fallen leaves and foliage that may have dropped in uninvited. And a brush, which can be affixed to that same adjustable pole can help loosen dirt and debris from the bottom of the pool and the interior surface to again give the vacuum and pump a little help.

Don’t Forget the Fun Part! — Ready to dive in? How about some floaties, a volleyball net or floating basketball hoop to level up the party! After all, a pool is designed for fun and there are just about a million toys, rafts, floats, balls, games, dive sticks, glowing accessories and anything else that can be conjured up to add to the fun. So why the wait? Start enjoying the pool today!


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