New Pool Owners’ Starter Kit

For those that are splashing into the New Year with a new pool (or one in the works), congratulations! A pool in one’s own backyard can provide endless entertainment, relaxation, fitness, family bonding time, and a lifetime of memories. What a great return on investment, right? New pool ownership does come with some responsibility though. The professional pool technicians at Aquaman Pools suggest a few key necessities to add to a new pool owner “starter kit.”

Pool Water Test Kit — With dozens of varieties out there, a simple pool water test kit is a helpful tool for any pool owner. In just a few steps, pool owners can test the balance of the water’s importance chemicals including pH and chlorine. There are certainly high tech and fancy versions of these kits, but a basic liquid test kit that includes phenol red and orthotolidine is all that’s needed.

Skimmer Net — Removing leaves, debris and other uninvited pool crashers is an easy way to help keep pool water healthy and the pool looking its best. The pool should be skimmed of debris on the surface every week or every few days, depending on how much falls into the pool on a regular basis. 

Pool Brush — Another key tool every pool owner should have at their disposal is a pool brush. Brushing the pool’s interior walls and tiles also helps keep the pool clean, loosens dirt for the vacuum to suck up  A nylon-bristled pool brush will do the job for light scrubbing and is best for the interior of an above ground pool. For tough stains, a stainless steel wired-pool brush may be needed. 

Automatic Cleaner — One of the best investments to keep the pool sparkling clear is an automatic pool vacuum. Once again, there are many options, and some are better for certain pools depending on the interior surface. So new pool owners should do a little research to check out the pros and cons of the various types and which is best for their specific pool.

Chlorine Tablet Floater — Regardless of the type of system (chlorine or salt), the addition of chlorine is still needed to maintain the pool water’s health. Generally, less chlorine is needed with a salt water pool. However, a chlorine tablet floater is an essential part of the new pool owner’s starter kit! These allow the slow distribution of chlorine into the water, so owners simply need to add a few tablets and then let the floater do the work.

A Calendar — When doing one’s own pool maintenance, consistency is important! So a calendar, alerts on a smart phone, or other reminders come in handy. So when it comes to when to add chemicals, when to skim the pool and empty the filters, it helps to jot it down or set a recurring alert.  

Pool Service Professional — Those that prefer to simply enjoy the “fun” parts of pool ownership and pass on the maintenance part, can seek the help of a regular pool service company (like Aquaman Pools, of course!). Aquaman Pools’ skilled pool technicians treat each pool they service as they would their very own, so pool owners can relax and rest assured that their pool water is clean, clear, healthy and safe.  


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