Pool Owner Checklist for Spring Swimming

Pool Owner Checklist for Spring Swimming


While some areas of the country are still buried in snow, others (we see you, Phoenix) are basking in the sunshine… and summoning temps of spring. Regardless of if it’s practically here already or still needs some time to “defrost,” swim weather is in sight! So pool owners might as well be prepared to dive in when the weather permits. Aquaman Pools offers an essential spring “pool season” checklist to help:


Whether the pool has been covered or remains ‘open’ during the winter, giving the landscaping surrounding the pool a trim is an important part of spring pool season preparation. Trim any overhanging limbs or wayward bushes that encroach onto cool decking or pathways. It’s important to limit the organic load, such as flowers, leaves and other foliage, that could fall into the pool and put unnecessary workload onto pool vacuums and other equipment. Now’s a good time to clean around the filter and other pool equipment, too.


Speaking of cleaning, the pool will need a good once over before it’s time to dive in. Vacuum, skim the surface and brush down the interior walls, bottom of the pool and steps or benches too. (Don’t forget to empty the filters!)


Ensuring the chemicals are balanced and the water is safe for swimming is, of course, a vital part of the pool-prep checklist. An at-home kit can provide the pool owner with an accurate overview of the chemical levels to help them determine what needs to be added (and how much) to achieve crystal clear, clean and safe water.


Inspecting the pool area for damage at the beginning of the swim season is another essential thing to check off that list. Look for standing water or damp soil surrounding the pool, cool decking and equipment, as well as cracks in the interior of the pool and on the pool tiles. Having an expert take a look to ensure that there isn’t a leak or damage in equipment that could lead to a larger problem if not tended to upon detection.


If just adding a pool, it’s important to understand the laws regarding pool gates and automatic locks to keep kids and pets safe. The rules vary by state and according to the type of pool (in-ground versus above ground, for example). New pool owners should ensure they are within legal boundaries before “opening” their pool for the season.


New pool owners may want to hit up their local pool store to get some basics for spring pool care including an extendable skimmer pole with net and brush attachments, chemical test kit, chemicals and of course the all-important supplies like floaties, rafts, balls and more for splashing in or relaxing, depending on the occasion!


Aquaman Pools’ professional pool technicians are always standing by and happy to help service the pool so owners can spend less time caring for the pool and more time enjoying it!


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