Pool Repair Tips – Dealing With a Swimming Pool Leak Issue

In the event that you are a pool owner, at some point you most likely have experienced a pool flow issue due to a leak. You see, for swimming pools, leakages constitute the large bulk of pool repairs that end up taking place.

Here are the top 4 repair suggestions to help you in preventing this type of issue from happening to you:

#1: Make Sure It’s a Leak
Here’s what you do: perform the ever so popular bucket test. Simply place a bucket on the steps of your pool, making sure to fill it to the very top of the pail, and make sure that the top is above water level. Obviously no one should be making use of the pool during this time. After several days you should go and assess the water reduction in the water bucket in comparison to the pool. If there’s a noticeable difference then it’s most likely from a leak.

#2: Assess Your Pipes
The leaking issue is in all likelihood in the pipes if you appear to be losing water when the filter system is running. To check this, first do a pressure test on the lines, then dig down pursuing the line that is leaking till you find where it is leaking from. If this isn’t something you’re up to, no worries. Just call up a qualified repair service to come and help you out.

#3: Take a Look at the Vinyl Lining
A flow issue might be a bit more challenging to fix and detect in a vinyl pool, but it is far from impossible. If you see that the lining is leaking behind a fitting or has broken free, I’d firmly suggest that you just call your local pool professional to help with the problem. This is because if you accidentally make something worse you’ll find yourself springing for a brand new liner. Not the cheapest thing in the world.

#4: Assess the Concrete
You will need some food coloring to start, and you’re going to need to switch off the swimming pool’s pump at least an hour before trying this one. Cracks in the concrete are pretty easy to spot, and it’s easy to fix using patching after the leak is detected. Just squeeze out some food coloring close to a crack and the crack will suck the food coloring in, which shows you where the leak is. A lot of these patching materials are going to work under water. Check the crack with your food coloring to make sure you plugged the leak after patching.

There are plenty of reasons to love a swimming pool. However, they all need to be cared for properly. When they’re maintained they can be tons of fun, but just keep in mind that they do need to be cared for on a regular basis.

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