Pool Safety Tips for the Off Season

Even though summer is a thing of the past and most families aren’t spending as much time in the swimming pool, it’s vital that pool owners stay vigilant about pool safety all year round. Aquaman Pools offers the following pool safety tips — even when it’s not swimming weather.

Keep a Watchful Eye — Even if kids are outside in the backyard playing away from the pool, parents and guardians should maintain their lookout to ensure kids don’t accidentally slip into the pool area or get into the pool without proper supervision.

Remove Temptations — When not spending time directly in the pool, remove the temptation of water and pool toys that may attract little ones’ attentions. Even if the pool is gated, a child determined to get to his toy could prove mightier (or more resourceful) than the fence. Store floaties or other pool toys out of sight, and preferably outside the gated pool area so they will be “out of mind” for little ones. For further peace of mind, pool owners can also consider an alarm that sounds when the pool gate or door with pool access has been opened.

Just Keep Swimming — Swim lessons are great for families with a pool. Many swim schools around the valley have indoor swimming pools with climate controlled water so even in the winter little ones can continue their swim education. It’s also important that parents make sure their children, and their friends when over playing, are aware of the pool safety rules.

Install Proper Lighting — Illuminating pathways and areas around the pool can reduce the risk of people tripping or falling into the pool inadvertently. There are many options when it comes to color and décor so lighting can truly enhance the backyard ambiance while providing added safety for all ages.

Clear the Way — Overhanging trees or overgrowth of bushes that obstruct walkways around the pool can be another tripping hazard. It’s important for homeowners to maintain their landscaping so it doesn’t become a safety concern.

Install a Pool Cover — If the pool is “closed for the season,” homeowners can consider a pool cover that provides a safety feature. There are a lot of pool covers on the market designed specifically as a barrier to keep children or pets from falling into the water. Homeowners should always take care to properly install them or to have them installed by a professional.

Water safety is vital for pool owners, not just during the summer but all year round so homeowners should always be abreast of around the pool safety. And when it comes to keeping a clean and clear pool, Aquaman Pools can help!


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