Pool Safety Tips for the Spring Season

Pool Safety Tips for the Spring Season


For many pool owners, swimming hasn’t been a priority during these winter months. But in some areas of the country, spring is starting to … spring. When preparing the pool and swimmers for the season, there are some important safety tips in mind. Aquaman Pools shares some simple safety tips for the spring season:


Clear the Walkways and the Water — Prepare the entire backyard and particularly areas around the pool that perhaps haven’t received as much attention during the winter months. Make sure there are no trip or slip hazards and that the walkways are well-lit. While pool toys and floats are great fun, make sure that they don’t end up a safety hazard for little swimmers.


Keep Gates Closed and Locked — For families with young ones and beginning swimmers, it’s important to ensure that all pool gates and automatic closing doors are in proper working order.


Designate a “Watchman” for Little Swimmers — Little ones should always be attended when in and around the pool. When having a large gathering where it seems like there would be a lot of eyes to watch for dangerous situations, it’s still important to designate a few people to keep their eyes on little ones to make sure they are safe when swimming. Young ones and babies should always be within arms’ reach from an adult or able-bodied swimmer.


Keep Chemicals out of Reach — Pool chemicals should be stored in an area that is not accessible to children or pets. While the recommended amounts distributed into the pool are not harmful for swimmers, the chemicals can be dangerous if consumed directly. It’s also a good idea to store pool toys and floats out of the pool when not in use so they don’t serve as a temptation for little ones to try to enter the pool area without proper adult supervision.


Stay Hydrated — Many people don’t think of swimming as a workout relatable to hitting the gym, it’s a great exercise and thus important to stay hydrated during a dip. Combine that with spending time in the sun all day and that could be a recipe for dehydration. So drink plenty of water throughout a day spent poolside.


Aquaman encourages pool owners to enjoy their pool as much as possible, but in a safe and controlled manner! And when it comes to the maintenance, they are happy to take on the task So call today!





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