Pool Water Chemistry: What in the world are they doing to my water?

So, you’ve this magnificent pool that you just adore. Everyone knows that you really enjoy it, because hey, we all really enjoy our pools. Once a week you have someone come out to check how the pool is doing. He performs some pool water chemistry magic by taking out his small plastic doohickey and scooping out some pool water into its test tubes. Occasionally people will sit in their living rooms concealed behind the sofa while viewing the magic as it takes place. After all, who among us wouldn’t like to know what exactly is going on over there inside our pools?

There are 5 tests that happen when one is testing the pool water. (Understand now, this will destroy the magic behind what your pool guy does…spoiler beware!)

pH Levels
This pool water chemistry test must be done once weekly. It examines your water’s acidity. Another reason behind keeping the correct pH, even if you aren’t going swimming, is that in the event the pH is too low, it may be corrosive. This can seriously hurt your pool and hot tub. Specifically, it can destroy your heater.

Examining the alkalinity discovers the agents in your water that permit the pH to fluctuate. Your pH will probably be stable, for those who have a higher alkaline pool.

Yet another thing that can cause serious damage to your pool. When the calcium levels are too low the pool will leach calcium from the concrete. When its too high you are going to get scaling on all of the pool surfaces, not to mention some clogged up pipes. Far from a good thing.

The testing of chlorine is completely essential, of course. There are really 3 chlorine pool water chemistry tests being done. Without enough chlorine, you end up with algae and bacteria. In the event that you chlorinate too much, you might cause any swimmer’s eyes, nose, and skin to burn.

Dissolved Solids
This is fairly self explanatory. You need to ensure that you don’t have tons of solids floating around because it’ll reduce the effectiveness of other compounds and your pool could become stained.

Hopefully, I did a good enough job demystified your pool water chemistry for you. You don’t have to watch your pool guy from the shadows any longer while wondering what sort of sorcery is being done to your pool…ya know, unless you feel like it. 😉

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