Potential Problems to Keep in Mind With Your In-Ground Pool

Unfortunately, there is no shortage of potential issues for a swimming pool owner. Fortunately, we know all about these, and if we are informed we can prevent and deal with them as needed. Here are some of the more commonly seen problems:

Leaky Plumbing
Any leak with your swimming pool plumbing needs to be handled as soon as possible, because otherwise it can make a lot of trouble for you in terms of damages and high water bills. There’s also plenty of chemicals needed if you have a leak due to the fact that they are also leaking out, and the remaining chemicals are becoming more and more diluted as water is added back in. This is an issue you’ll likely want a pro to take a look at.

Pool Deck Cracks or Chips
Any crack or chip in the pool deck is a potential safety hazard to anyone making use of the swimming pool. Not only is it ugly, but it can cause people to trip and hurt themselves (both outside of and into the pool itself). Additionally, it could be a sign that your pool has other potential issues like the ground shifting or a sink hole. Best to check on the problem ASAP.

Pool’s pH
Your pool water’s pH is directly connected to the growth of algae, or the lack thereof. It is also connected to how effective the chlorine in the pool is, not to mention surface corrosion. This is why so many pool services stress the importance of a weekly balancing of pH levels.

Filtration System for the Pool
Pool water flows through your filter exactly as needed if your pump is primed, but you’ll need to ensure that the filter is being cleaned and maintained regularly. The frequency and time needed for that upkeep depends on the filter itself. By backwashing your pool’s filter you can clean debris out and improve the overall water flow.

Prime That Pump
In the event that you swimming pool’s begins to suck air inside the system itself, it can end up losing the ability to move, or prime, that water. If the pump works but there’s no movement of water, well then that could mean that the water isn’t being filtered correctly. This can end up causing the pump itself to overheat. This is all something a professional can and should help you with, or you can try it yourself if you’re the handy type.

Not sure where to start? Need some professional advice? Give Aquaman Pools a call at (480) 243-7665 and we’ll help you through all your pool concerns.


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