Q&A: Why does my swimming pool have cloudy water?

Many people who need a pool service in Arizona…well, really most people who need any type of pool service tend to believe that most pool difficulties are solved in a similar way: green pool…muddy pool, most think these kinds of issues are dealt with in the same way. I’m here to tell you that they are actually quite distinct issues with different options and methods of dealing with them.

Why does my swimming pool have cloudy water?

Step one in finding a solution to your issue is diagnosing what’s causing your pool water to actually be the way it is. Typically, this problem is caused by one of the following issues:

  • Your pool is far too dirty.
  • The filter in your pool isn’t working properly.
  • The chemicals in your pool are off

With these problems in mind, a pool company such as Aquaman Pools LLC will come out, examine your chlorine, pH, and calcium hardness. Usually its the pH or calcium that causes a muddy pool. The effectiveness of your chlorine is significantly reduced when your pH isn’t at the proper levels. Your pool service tech will examine and correct these amounts for you.

If your chemical amounts are within range, then the cleanliness of your pool must be analyzed. The top of the pool will be skimmed and the filter cleaned out to ensure that it is running at peak efficiency. Afterward you’ve got to let the filter do its job for a few days.

The technician must check out your filter to make sure it is operating correctly, if your pool remains muddy after all of this. Most pool companies should have no issue doing some repairs and evaluating the issues with your hardware, as needed.

So….what do you do if none of these end up getting the job done? There are certainly more solutions to continue with if this is the case, but there’s no need to go there unless you are 100% certain that the issue isn’t caused by the above 3 common issues. For instance, you can use a clarifying chemical or Floc your pool. Floc is a substance that attaches to various debris in the swimming pool and brings it down to the bottom for easier clean up. It needs a ton of vacuuming.

Its still hot out, and the perfect time to be enjoying your pool. Do not get stuck with an awful pool right before you have people over. If you see an issue with your pool then give Aquaman Pools a call at (480) 243-7665 today! We’ll get your pool looking crystal clear in no time at all.


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