Quality Weekly Pool Cleaning Service Versus Doing It Yourself

As mentioned on the Aquaman Pools homepage, a weekly pool cleaning service may not be necessary in the minds of many homeowners, but it has many benefits to leaving your pool’s maintenance to yourself. Sure, you might catch a few stray leaves, clean out the filter or go fishing for your child’s favorite action figure at the bottom of the pool. You know that deal. What a lovely chore!

Yet, as fun as all that may be to break the monotony of a random Thursday, areas such as the adjustment of water and chemical levels, backwash and filtration, regular vacuum adjustments and seasonal adjustments for timer box settings, variable speed pool pumps and the like along with regular pool tile cleaning, basic maintenance allows for you to have a fully functional, swimmable pool. These regular maintenance items keep your pool and spa free of all the unwanted debris and chemical remnants that can leave some pools green, gross and glowing with the natural bacteria that results when pools are only maintained sporadically when your have the time or during specific times of the year.

Pools need to be maintained the same as homes, cars, and even the human body. It isn’t any more logical to sporadically clean a pool just every now and again than it is to clean your house or yourself only once in a while. Eventually, with your pool like anything else that is unkempt, all that grime, dirt and bacteria will catch up with a lackluster cleaning job and cost you more money in the long run.

Aquaman Pools will do the job that your previous poolman never quite got to. We offer a deeper clean than just a skim or a run of the filter and scrubdown. Trust Aquaman for everything from energy efficient pumps, thorough calcium removal, second-to-none acid washing, weekly pool service and more!

So, If you’re looking look for a reliable, effective, and efficient pool cleaning and pool repair service in the Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Cave Creek, Desert Mountain, DC Ranch, McCormick Ranch and Phoenix, Arizona area, call on Aquaman Pools for all your pool needs that your previous poolman never satisfied!

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