Save on Energy With a Variable Speed Pump for Your Pool

When we discuss things like pool renovations, repairs, and retrofits that bring down the energy consumption of a pool, the conversation usually turns to the pool’s pump. This is because it uses up more energy than every other single piece of one’s swimming pool equipment. Also, a variable-rate pump that is designed properly can actually decrease the energy costs of running a pool by as much as 90%.

Most variable-speed pumps may be programmed to work at speeds that are set to produce the right flow for every job they perform, including using a suction-side pool cleaner, waterfalls, or hot tub jets. Some pumps have a built in continuous-flow program, which optimizes variable-speed technology; continuous-flow pumps provide the required flow for every job that is programmed and automatically adjust their speed. A continuous-flow pump can feel the resistance being added to the system as dirt accumulates and will speed up so the water feature proceeds to get the right quantity of water.

Regardless of what type of pump is being used, pump speeds that are slower can save energy. Not to mention the fact that they will bring down the noise level that you’re used to with most swimming pool pumps, and they can lessen the wear and tear on the rest of your pool’s equipment.

Price Too High?
Despite all these benefits, the cost of these pumps may initially appear difficult to justify. However, if you compare the price of a fresh variable-speed pump together with the price of doing nothing, you’ll start to see why you should make this investment for your pool.

If a single speed pump is used by a pool, it might cost upwards of 800 dollars per year to run that pump (amounts will be different by area, of course). In a well-designed system using a variable-speed pump, the operational costs might be no more than a couple hundred dollars per year. Just think, after 5 years you’ll have saved several thousand dollars. And the savings keep going year after year.

What it all comes down to is this: the expense of getting a variable speed pump is something that you’ll quickly make back in savings after just a couple years of running it. So, are you ready to make the switch? If so, call Aquaman Pools ( today at (480) 243-7665 or send us a message.


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