Scottsdale Pool Remodeling Trends

Are you currently in the marketplace for a new Scottsdale pool in your backyard? Are you currently looking to make sure that your pool remodeling needs are being met? Today we have some of the finest, most popular, trendy Scottsdale pool remodeling designs right here. Here are the most recent styles:

You can never fail with a classic, although this might seem to be an old favorite. Nothing quite like the soothing sounds of trickling water in your pool and backyard. Not only does it boost the negative ions in your yard, but it creates quite a refreshing feeling.

Salt Water
Make the substitution to a salt based pool. Salt water chlorine generators are some of the most sought after pools these days. They’re handy and always sanitize the pool, keeping it wonderful and dazzling to the eye.

LED Pool Light
Hey, Christmas lights made the switch over to LED, so it was bound to happen. LED pool lights make a fun and colorful addition to most pools! LED bulbs last considerably longer than normal bulbs.

Interlocking Pavers
These are pretty freaking awesome. After seeing these in action it is rather hard to be okay having plain old concrete. They can be quite lovely and add texture and color to your yard.

Pool Fencing from Aluminum
Ditch the iron. Aluminum is powerful, efficient, and doesn’t need any maintenance.

Smart Pool
Everyone has a smart phone these days. Some have a smart house. Why not have a pool that is smart? You can control your pool from your computer or your smart phone. Nifty, yes?

If you’re currently going through a remodeling effort for your Scottsdale home, be sure you don’t do anything before you look into whats new with swimming pools. Don’t allow yourself to settle for something old; choose from the above list to keep your pool up to date! If you need some help just give Aquaman Pools a call at (480) 243-7665 and we’ll be right there, promise!


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