Smart Pool Care Tips for Busy Pool Owners

Most homeowners are busy enough without adding pool care to their already long list of “to dos.” And who wants to spend their free time cleaning the pool anyway? Luckily, the keeping the swimming pool clean and sanitized for swimming doesn’t have to require a lot of time, as long as it’s maintained properly. Aquaman Pools offers busy pool owners a few smart pool care tips to cut down on cleaning time and maximize the enjoyment time!

Invest in the Right Equipment — Just as with practically anything and everything, the right tools can be the key to success. Beyond the necessity of pool pump (obviously), an automatic vacuum can save busy homeowners time physically cleaning and scrubbing the pool.

Timing is Everything — Take advantage of automatic timers and technology to help streamline the pool care process from when the pool pump and vacuum go on and off to reminders to test the chemical balance of the pool water.

Hire the Pros — Pool service companies, like Aquaman Pools, of course, are here to help! Aquaman Pools takes pool care very seriously and its pool service technicians are highly trained and professional. The weekly service provided is comprehensive — including a unique 24-point inspection process to ensure the pool is clean, clear and safe to enjoy! Aquaman Pools’ team members treat the pool with the minimal amount of chemicals to keep it sanitized without over chlorinating so it’s safe for family members. Aquaman Pools’ pros are also adept at early detection of potential problems so they can suggest repairs and solutions as needed before little issues turn into big problems for the pool owner.

Give it a Little TLC — When the pool is more regularly maintained, it is easier to keep it clean and sparkling and ready to splash in at a moment’s notice. So keeping on top of cleaning and chemical balancing is crucial. In between service visits, pool owners can spend a few minutes once or twice a week (depending on how much organic load drops into the pool from nearby trees or flowering bushes or if there has been a storm) giving the pool a little love! A quick skim of the surface, brushing of the tiles and interior and bottom of the pool and chemical test with strips or a kit can help pool owner’s keep their pool looking beautiful until the next service.

With a little time and attention, homeowners can keep their pools looking clean, clear and beautiful without too much hassle. Aquaman Pools’ service technicians are standing by and happy to help valley pool owners with this task!


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