Style Watch: Swimming Pool Trends for 2021

Looking to build or upgrade their residential swimming pool this year? Well, the style forecasts for 2021 are out. So when it comes time to design the pool, consider these hot new trends for the new year.

Small Space Pools — Ever heard of a “cocktail pool” or a “spool”? These creative names are basically just smaller pools that are specifically designed for smaller outdoor spaces. Pools can be designed in any number of ways, depending on the parcel of land, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be huge or deep. Cocktail pools and spools are about the enjoyment and relaxation of the pool without the need for a large lap pool, and they can be the perfect additional to a smaller backyard oasis.

Tile Inlay — Adding tile inlay is a fairly easy way to update an existing pool or to give a brand new pool a timeless modern look. This can be achieved with a number of stylistic options and with a variety of colors to choose from, the sky it really the limit when it comes to how to upgrade with tile inlay. Pool owners can achieve really cool optical effects with tile inlay too. So get creative!

LED Lights — LED lighting is taking over just about everything! And why not? It’s a great way to adjust the mood or vibe of a room or a pool with a pretty simple effect. When it comes to illuminating the pool, LED lighting continues to be a trend that will likely hold strong well for many years to come. Pool owners can experience a rainbow of colors, even alternating with the touch of a button, with LED lighting.

Rain Wall Water Features — Move aside water falls, rain wall descents are climbing the trend list in 2021. These subtle water features create a falling water result that looks and sounds like falling rain versus the gushing flow of a more traditional waterfall style water feature. These frame-like features can serve as not only a cool visual and sound effect but they can serve as pool “dividers” to separate a swim up pool bar or connecting hot tub from the play area, for example.

Lazy Rivers — The 2021 trends are more about water relaxation so enter the lazy river! While pool owners may be aware of lazy rivers at resorts, they can actually create their own mini version in the own backyard! A lazy river is bound to serve as a calm and relaxing way to enjoy the pool well into the future.

When it comes to adding or upgrading a swimming pool, there are some things that never go out of style. And once the pool is finished, keeping it clean, healthy and safe is one of those things! A clean pool is always on trend. And Aquaman Pools is always standing by to ensure their clients’ pools stay that way.


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