Summer Sun and Pool Safety Tips

There are few things as enjoyable as a day out by the pool, but the sun can cause some serious damage so it’s important that families are protected when they head out to the backyard to swim. It’s also a good idea to make sure that everyone spending time by the pool knows some basic pool and water safety tips too. Aquaman Pools LLC offers some sun safety and pool safety tips to ensure that a day by the pool doesn’t end with sunburns or worse.

As summer time rolls into full swing and the sun heats up, the pool becomes a very popular place to be. And why not? It’s the perfect place to enjoy some good old fashioned splashin’ fun with family and friends. What could be better? Not much on a hot summer day. But before heading out for a day in the sun, Aquaman Pools advises pool lovers to apply a high quality water resistant sunscreen with at least 30 SPF… and to reapply it often throughout the day, especially after swimming for a while.

Staying protected from the sun when taking a break from the pool is also important. Take refuge under an oversize umbrella, or cover up with hat and sunglasses; this is also a good time to reapply that sunscreen! It’s also a great time to rehydrate. Drinking lots of water is another important sun safety tip when spending a day out in the Arizona heat.

It’s especially crucial to cover some pool “ground rules” when kids are playing around the pool. Running around the pool, and on wet surfaces should be a no-no and families with young kids should always have a self-latching gate to keep kids from entering the pool area unless there is a parent or guardian around. When hosting a pool gathering with lots of little ones, designating one or two adults to keep a vigilant watch on the water at all times or even hiring a teen lifeguard in training can literally be a life saver.

Water safety cannot be underestimated for families with little ones and a pool, swim lessons should be considered for babies as early as six months old to ensure that as they grow they not only feel comfortable in the water, but they know what to do — and how to get out — in the instance that they accidentally fall in. According to the American Red Cross, “drowning is responsible for more deaths among children ages one to four than any other cause except birth defects.”

Aquaman Pools LLC cares about its pool families and wants to ensure a safe and fun summer for all, centered around the swimming pool! The Aquaman team encourages families to practice safe sun and water protection… and for a sparkling clean swimming pool, don’t forget to call the experts at Aquaman Pools!


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