Swim and Pool Safety Tips in Honor of Water Safety Month

Swim and Pool Safety Tips in Honor of Water Safety Month


May is Water Safety Month! As the weather warms up and families head out to the pool, there are some important tips to keep in mind so everyone stays safe while enjoying the water. In honor of Water Safety Month, the experts at Aquaman Pools offer the following tips:


Designate a Water Watcher — Whether there are two people in the pool or twenty two, there should always be adults present when little ones are in and around the water. It’s also important to “assign” an adult (or two or three) with the task of being the water watcher(s) on duty to ensure that everyone stays safe.


Stay within Arms’ Reach — For parents and guardians of little swimmers, staying within arms’ reach is essential for safety. Adult swimmers should always be close enough to grab ahold of a little one who needs assistance at a second’s notice, particularly as little ones are learning to swim and hold their breath under water and are gaining the confidence to get further and further from the steps or the edge of the pool.


Gate it — Having a pool gated isn’t just a smart safety move, it’s the law in many states. When not in and around the pool with an adult, toddlers and little ones should not be able to access to the pool in any way. Remember, young minds are very creative — especially when they have a goal in mind. So keep any items away from the pool area that could serve useful to helping a child gain access to the pool. And keep fun items such as pool toys out of sight when not being used in the pool so they don’t serve as temptation.


Stay Hydrated — When in the water, people may not realize how much they still need to drink it (fresh water, not the pool water!). When being active out in the sun and the heat, bodies tend to dehydrate quickly, even when in the water. So keep some cold water nearby and be sure to hydrate throughout the day.


Seek Shade — It’s also a good idea to take a break from the pool and the direct sun throughout the day. Seek some shade for some downtime.


Keep it Clean — The pool water should be maintained so that the chemicals are balanced to ensure safe, clean, sanitized and healthy water. Water clarity is vital to a safe and fun swimming experience.


The professionals at Aquaman Pools encourage families and pool owners to have fun in the water this summer while practicing tips to stay safe.


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