The Amount of Care Involved in Keeping Your Pool Clean

For some, making sure that their swimming pool is properly cared for can be quite a challenge. This is especially true when it heats up, as it so often does here in Arizona. I’m frequently asked about how people can keep their swimming pool in the best shape possible no matter the weather and temperature. Well, obviously the best way is to hire an awesome pool service to help you with your weekly pool services. Still, its good for everyone to at least be familiar with some of the more basic needs of their swimming pool.

Its important to note that a pool is something that needs regular, weekly cleaning. What this typically entails is brushing the pool steps, benches, water tile line, and the sides of the swimming pool. Once that part is complete the debris will need to be skimmed from the pool. Then the skimmer and pump baskets will need to be emptied. Next, and easily one of the most vital parts of the process: checking the water chemistry. The pool water needs to be checked to ensure that its pH, chlorine, CYA, and calcium hardness are all in the right ranges.

Once all of that is done the pool will need to have acid/chlorine added to the pool as needed. The motor will need to be ran after the chemicals are added to ensure that they are circulated throughout the pool. When you hire out to a pool company they should be familiar with when a backwash is needed, they can spot potential issues with the equipment, phosphate levels, and more.

Lastly, the water in the pool will need to be replaced on a regular basis (typically 2 years), and that is because of calcium hardness in a pool. Some areas allow you to recycle the pool water instead of replacing it. What all of this does is keeps calcium from causing stains on the tile, liner, and prevents potential issues with the pool equipment.

Owning a pool can provide tons of fun to those seeking to use it, but when it comes to taking care of the pool, most people prefer to leave it to someone else. If you aren’t sure that you want to go through the hassle of caring for your own pool, then give us a call at (480) 243-7665.


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