The Best Ways to Get Fit in the Water

While many large gyms around the state are still closed, fitness gurus have had to get creative with their workout routines. But many homeowners have access to their own private fitness center right in their own backyard — their swimming pool! Swimming, diving and just plain splashing around in the pool are awesome ways to sneak in some fitness disguised as fun, but there are so many more ways to get a complete workout in the pool! Aquaman Pools LLC shares some of the best ways to get fit in the water.

Cardio — From swimming laps to running in place in the water, aquatic exercise provides an excellent cardio workout that can help increase strength, endurance, flexibility, mobility and more. Try some water jumping jacks and jumping lunges for some great cardio combined with resistance. 

Resistance Training — Water provides natural resistance for a number of exercises working the arms and legs. And with some additional weights designed for the pool, fitness lovers can get a great resistance workout that fully engages muscle groups and burns calories while getting cool in the pool!

Low Impact Aerobics — Fitness lovers that need to avoid hard core cardio due to joint injuries or other issues such as fibromyalgia or osteoporosis may find they can still enjoy a cardio workout through low-impact water aerobics. The buoyancy of the water is easier on muscles and joints while still providing a challenging workout.

Group Sports — With a little help of a volleyball net, basketball hoop or even a floating putting green, sports lovers can get their fitness on in the pool without breaking a sweat! These are easy additions to a pool that can be easily removed when not in use but that can turn the pool into a sports court with very little effort.

Water workouts are excellent for people of all of skill levels and abilities, as well as for women that are pregnant and those that experience joint pain. So to get fit this summer (no gym required!), just dive in!


HIIT Workouts for the Water

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