The Coolest Must-Have Pool Toys and Accessories for Summer

Yes, the pool is a blast in and of itself, but this year’s summer pool toys and accessories take a day by the pool to the next level! For those looking to take their relaxing pool time up a notch, check out these fun must-have toys and accessories, handpicked by the Aquaman Pools team.

PoolCandy Jumbo Holographic Sunchair — Make a splashy impact with one of these comfortable, large floating chairs made with heavy-duty vinyl with a cool rainbow effect that will draw all eyes! With handles and a built-in cupholder, the PoolCandy Holographic Chair is sure to provide a comfortable and relaxing float! $19.99,

Inflatable Airplane Seat Boat for Littles This brightly colored airplane can taxi along the water as babies ages one to four enjoy the water while staying afloat. With a steering wheel and even a horn that beeps, babies will be the captain of their own pool adventure this summer! $28.99,

Swimline UFO Squirter Inflatable Lounge Floats — With these floats, the fun never ends! Kids and adults alike can blast each other into outer space with the ray-gun squirt gun which provides a constant supply direct from the pool. $114.99 (for three),

Bunch O Balloons Slingshot — This water balloon slingshot promises to launch at a range of up to 100 feet! Lightweight and aerodynamic, the kids will have a blast running around the yard before or after some pool time, dodging balloon bullets! $19.99,

Funboy Backyard Rocket ship Sprinkler — This giant seven- and-a-half-foot tall rocket ship offers four nozzles and 360 degrees of sprinkling fun for little ones! $69,

Lonykibee Color Changing LED Beach Balls — Brighten up the night for an after dark pool party with these brightly colored glow in the dark waterproof beach balls that can float in the pool and are remote control operated to switch the glow to 13 different colors. $22.49,

There are endless toys, tubes, sprinklers and water accessories to make any pool gathering loads of fun. When preparing the pool for a gathering, don’t forget to give the experts at Aquaman Pools a call to get any pool sparking clean and clear before the big event!


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