The Ins and Outs of Acid Washing the Pool

Homeowners that have a pool may notice spots and blotchy areas on the interior finish if it has been a few years since the water has been changed. These signs can be an indication that it’s time to acid wash the pool. When it comes time to acid wash, pool owners should get the help of an experienced and professional pool service company… such as Aquaman Pools, of course. Here’s the breakdown of what an acid washing entails and how it benefits the pool.

Because the acid washing process is rather detailed and even potentially dangerous, it should only be done by an expert. If not done properly, the pool’s interior finish can get damaged.

The first thing an Aquaman Pools professional will do in preparation of an acid wash is drain the pool into the sewer clean outs (in accordance with city code) with gas-powered dewatering pumps. This step allows the technicians to complete the process in one visit, limiting time and hassle for homeowners.

Next, a solution of muriatic acid, water, stain remover and a brightening agent is mixed together to ensure the best possible results for the acid wash. The solution is then sprayed evenly on the pool’s interior surface and Aquaman’s pool professionals scrub the entirety of the surface to make sure it gets completely covered by the solution and to ensure even color upon completion. This process removes mineral deposits and dirt stains from the surface as well as a very thin layer of the surface itself to create a clean, beautiful interior.

Next, the acid wash mixture is rinsed off the pool’s interior with powerful pressure washers to reveal a bright new finish. The residual mixture and liquid from the pressure washing is then pumped and vacuumed out, leaving the pool primed for refilling. And voila… Once filled completely, the pool will be ready to enjoy — and just in time for swimming season!

The professionals at Aquaman Pools recommend having the pool drained and acid washed every two to three years to ensure maximum health and aesthetics. Homeowners that have questions about acid washing or want to schedule an appointment can call Aquaman Pools today!


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