The Price of Cleaning Your Swimming Pool Yourself vs Hiring a Pro

So many of us all have a swimming pool and try to keep it in good shape all by ourselves. So we made our first purchases after we went to our local pool shop, we got some bleach and all the various other things we believe we should be using to look after our own pool. We might have even setup a very strict schedule to stick to to keep that pool as clean and healthy as possible.

Sadly, its all for naught. You end up skipping just a few of those times that you’re supposed to check up on the pool and do some maintenance, and all of a sudden things take a turn for the worse. If that sounds like you, you should likely be on the hunt for pool cleaners. Just imagine the do-it-youself pool problems you’ll be able to prevent up front by locating a professional who knows what they’re doing.

Pool Cleaners vs Do It Yourself

The best method would be to see how much it costs to have a proper pool company come out and service your pool vs how much of your time, energy, and money are going into pool products when you do it by yourself. Be sure to factor in additional products, money, and time for potential mistakes and forgetfulness that ends up happening to most people who are new to this.

It typically costs a little more at the beginning. You’ve got to purchase all the chemicals that you need, the chlorine tablets, etc. Then you are going to need to teach yourself based on your pool’s size, you’ll have to learn about the water levels, chemical ranges, temperature, time of year, and more. What about if you run into an issue that needs extra materials? You might need to get some clarifier and algaecide. Of course you may have to get the entire container, despite the fact that you might need it pretty infrequently.

In my long life in dealing with pools, I’ve discovered that there are not many people who take good care of their very own pool over the long-term. It can be complicated, time consuming, and pretty challenging.

Professional pool companies solve your issues. They’ll examine the pool size as well as the area, and will come out and visit your home. Some will quote a more affordable price, but not by much, and often times the service you get is comparable to the lowered price.

I’m sure your house is beautiful and it has a wonderful pool attached to it. Do yourself a favor and locate a professional pool cleaner who’ll understand you and will keep your investment in the best shape possible.

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