The Top Designs for a Rectangle Fiberglass Swimming Pool

Looking for a fiberglass swimming pool, rectangle style? Not sure what sort of specific design to go with? Allow me to give you some information so that you can choose whats best for you and your loved ones. I’ve worked with quite a few pool owners in my time, and what I’ve seen is that there are essentially just 5 different things that have an effect on what sort of rectangle pool design someone goes with if they’re getting a fiberglass pool. Let’s take a look at just 2 of them for today.

1) The Depth of the Swimming Pool
How deep should your pool be? Well, to be honest that all depends on what you plan to use the swimming pool for. Some people like diving pools while others just want the pool to play around in.

When you have a diving swimming pool you have a pool that is about 8 ft at its deepest point (the deep end), and there is a diving board on that side of the pool. The floor of the pool slowly slopes upward toward the shallow end. You have to go with something like this if you want to be diving off of your swimming pool. If you’re looking to play basketball, volleyball, do some chicken fighting, etc well…you need to be able to stand up. Diving pools won’t work unless you have a large shallow area as well.

Now, a pool specifically used for playing is going to be more shallow with the deeper end of the pool being between 5 to 5 1/2 feet deep. This works best for playing games in.

Some people try to have the best of both worlds, but sadly that doesn’t work here. If you try to do both you end up with a pool that is too deep to play games in, but is also too shallow to dive in. No good, so really think about which one of the above options you value more and stick with it.

2) Swimming Area for Playing
Something to think about with your upcoming fiberglass swimming pool is just how large of a space is going to be able to be used to play and swim in. There are a lot of swimming pools out there in all shapes that have a large amount of the pool being taken up by benches, steps, and other random pool designs. If you value having an open space to swim in, then this is a big one to keep in mind.

Whats best for you? Well, that really depends on what you and your family prefer to do. That’s not to say there aren’t options that can meet all your needs and desires, but you need to take your available space into consideration. Take some time to think about it before settling in on a specific swimming pool design. You’ll be glad you did.

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