Three Easy Pool Maintenance Tips to Save Money

Everyone like getting the best value for their dollar and saving a little (okay a lot!) of money when possible, right? When it comes to the swimming pool, easy routine maintenance can actually save pool owners money in the long run. Aquaman Pools shares three easy ways to keep the pool looking clean while saving a little green!

Regularly Clean Pump and Skimmer Baskets — When excess dirt and debris build up inside the pool’s skimmer box, it can cause the pool’s motor to pull in too much water and ultimately burn out. This will likely result in the need for repair by a professional pool technician. Save the hassle (and the money) by making cleaning those baskets out a regular part of the pool’s maintenance.

Check and Maintain Consistent Water Levels ­— The proper water level is vital for a healthy pool and to keep equipment running as it should. If the level is too low or too high, the water will not circulate as need, which can lead to the pump burning out because it’s running without water. Once again, a pump repair or replacement can be a costly project… which can be avoided by keeping tabs on the water level. It should land right about the middle of the pool’s skimmer.

Keep Chemicals Balanced — The pool’s chemicals are a delicate balance that keep the water safe and healthy for swimming. When things get out of whack, algae can quickly take over (and cost money to return the water to its balanced state)… and no one wants an unsightly green pool right at the beginning of the swimming season! So maintaining the water’s chemicals is key.

These are just three easy ways to ensure a clean and healthy pool, but there are many more. Having a regular pool service company take care of these things on a regular basis — as well as the ability to detect potential issues early on so they can be dealt with before they become big (and costly) problems — is another great way to save money in the long run. Utilizing the skills of a professional pool technician can provide peace of mind for busy pool owners that simply don’t have the time to maintain the pool on a regular basis. As always, Aquaman Pools is happy to take the hassle out of pool ownership for homeowners around the valley, so call today!


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