Three Fun Ways to Celebrate Summer in the Pool

While it may not officially be summer yet, in the valley of the sun it might as well be! With perfect swimming weather and school breaking for the summer, it’s time to celebrate the season! Aquaman Pools shares a few fun ways to celebrate summer — centered around the pool, of course!

Host a BBQ — From Memorial Day to Labor Day, families will be firing up their grills in the name of summer. Now that many COVID restrictions have been lifted, call up family, friends and neighbors and invite them over for a quintessential backyard BBQ. The great thing about a backyard BBQ is these easy and casual gatherings are intended to be no-frills, so there is no pressure on the host to create an elaborate menu. And the entertainment is easy – just dive in! A BBQ swim party is always a great way to ring in summertime.

Slide on In — Want to level up pool time? For a child’s or teen’s graduation or simply a fun summer celebration, why not rent an inflatable slide that lands sliders right into the pool for a splashin’ good time. There are multiple rental companies around the valley with various inflatable slide offerings, many of which can be set up adjacent to the pool and function on their own or that can be set up to allow riders to go directly from the slide into the pool. So check out the options and have a blast!

Pool Time After Dark — Country crooner Kenny Chesney may have said it best in one of his popular songs, “everything gets hotter when the sun goes down.” He’s not wrong! A night time pool party evokes a totally different vibe. Think glowing balls that float atop the water, tiki torches, color-changing LED lights in the pool and more to “light up the night.” A night time party can bring a crowd or be designed for a more intimate invite list, so plan accordingly. Then sit back, relax and let the fun heat up as the sun goes down!

Aquaman Pools was built around the concept of the fun and memories that the swimming pool can create for residents and families all around the valley. And they do so by taking the work and hassle out of pool ownership! So to get that pool sparkling clean and ready for a summer gathering, call Aquaman Pools today!


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