Three Money Saving Tips for Fall and Winter Pool Care

During the fall and winter seasons, homeowners pools may not be getting as much attention as during the spring and summer months. With that in mind, homeowners can often adjust their maintenance schedules and also consider some ways to save money on their pool during the “off seasons.” Aquaman Pools offers the following three ways to save money on off-season pool care while still maintaining a clean, sparkling pool.

Stock Up — In the off season or at the end of “pool weather,” pool stores may not be getting as much love and attention as during peak summer season… which may entice them to offer some sales and deals on not only pool toys but also pool chemicals and other equipment. Do some smart shopping during the off-season to save money and stock up on chemicals and other items needed to keep the pool clean and safe — not just in the summer, but all year round.

Cover the Pool — Those that want to “take a break” from pool care or that travel during the fall and winter seasons and aren’t around to do so, can opt to cover their pool. This can save money on regular pool service/chemical balancing. However, it’s important to note that the pool shouldn’t be entirely ignored until springtime. The pool cover should be kept clear of debris and checked often to ensure it’s still properly covering the pool and that it hasn’t been damaged (such as after a storm). Pool equipment such as the pump and heater should also be checked on a regular basis to ensure they are working properly. There’s nothing worse than reopening the pool for the season only to be met with an unexpected, and unwelcome, surprise due to ill-working or broken equipment or a leaky cover.

Readjust the Maintenance Schedule — There are many circumstances that make up how often a pool needs to be serviced, so each pool owner should speak to their pool service professional to see if their service schedule will change in the off season. Some pool owners may decide to take over the sweeping and cleaning of the pool and just have their pool technician manage the chemicals, which can help save some money. However it’s important to note that while algae doesn’t grow nearly as quickly as it can in the summertime, pools are not immune to algae in the off season — so keeping the pool water clean, clear and chemically balanced is a year-round gig. If the pool water is left stagnant with little to no circulation from skimming, sweeping or running the vacuum, for example, algae might consider this an open invitation to settle in for the season… and it may not be easy to get rid of come springtime.

Aquaman Pools’ professional technicians work hard to keep valley pools safe, clean and sparkling clean every day of the year! They are happy to speak with pool owners about ways they can save in the off season while still properly maintaining their pools. So call today!


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