Three Things Pool Owners Should Know About Algae

Swim season provides endless fun and memories. But one thing that can bring swim time to a screeching halt is algae. This uninvited pool guest can rear its ugly head, especially in warm weather, so it’s important to know what causes it, how to prevent it and what to do about it if a pool owner discovers algae in their pool. Aquaman Pools shares three important things pool owners should know about algae.

Algae growth can be attributed to many things. Heavy pool usage, inclement weather (including rain, windy weather that blows debris and foliage into the water), plant nutrients and poor water filtration and or circulation can all lead to the development of algae in the pool water. After a pool party, for example, the pool’s chlorine levels may decrease due to the sheer number of bodies in the water, which can leave behind dirt, bacteria and sunscreen, etc. As the chlorine works to eliminate these things, it can decrease enough to give algae an opportunity to blossom. The impact of summer rain and wind storms, along with the heat itself, can also serve as a breeding ground for algae in the pool water.

While plants and foliage around the pool add to the ambiance of an outdoor oasis, their leaves and other organic droppings can actually provide nourishment for algae if left in the pool once they fall in. So it’s important to sweep debris out right away. Finally, stagnant water is practically an invitation for algae, so proper filtration and circulation are important for keeping algae at bay.

Not all algae are created equal, and it can show itself in many ways. If the pool water becomes cloudy, that can be a sign of algae growth. A greenish hue to the water is almost certainly a sign of algae, but algae can also development in patches around the pool. Algae can even show up as dark or black spots that appear to be stains on the pool’s interior surface.

Algae is easier to get rid of the earlier it’s detected. If homeowners notice any of these things in their pool, their best bet may be to call a pool service professional to take care of it right away. The longer the algae has a chance to make itself and home, and spread, the more trouble it can cause… even to the point of damaging expensive pool equipment.

Proper maintenance is the easiest and best way to keep algae from ruining pool season. The professional pool service technicians at Aquaman Pools are skilled at not only keeping the pool perfectly clean and chemically balanced to prevent algae from forming, but also great at early detection — and resolving the problem before it gets out of hand.


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