Three Things to Consider When Buying Outdoor Furniture

The pool is so much more than a hole in the ground — it’s the central source of entertainment for any backyard! Outdoor furnishings surrounding the pool are a vital part of completing the outdoor oasis that is perfect for play and relaxation. Aquaman Pools shares three key things to consider when shopping for furnishings to complement any poolside ambiance.

Functionality — Every outdoor environment is different based on homeowner’s desires and how they actually use their space. Some prefer to lounge poolside and soak up the sun while others enjoy dining al fresco and still others might just like to curl up outside under the shade. In each of these cases, very different furnishings would be required to complete the setting. So before shopping, consider the functional purpose for any furnishings. Additional furnishings and décor can be added for ambiance, but the first priority should be how the backyard is used most and how the furniture can serve those needs.

Quality — Everyone loves a bargain… But when it comes to outdoor furnishings, quality and longevity will outlast a less expensive yet less quality purchase every time. The Arizona sun takes no mercy on outdoor furnishings, so they need to be built to withstand the harsh summer heat. This includes everything from framework to materials. There are many high-quality local outdoor furnishings companies here in the valley that use fabrics that are designed to be fadeproof. Homeowners will benefit from doing some research about the products and materials that will best hold up to the Arizona heat.

Style — After taking functionality into consideration and finding quality products, it’s time for the fun part! Much like designing a favorite room in one’s home, the outdoor oasis can serve as a reflection of the homeowner’s style and personality. So let it shine! Outdoor furnishings can be a bright and bold nod to a favorite vacation destination or provide a soothing, Zen-like getaway without leaving home… there is no end to the ways backyard furnishings can help create an extension of the home. From outdoor dining tables to lounge chairs, cozy sectionals and bistro tables, options are aplenty! So have fun creating a space that will serve as the backdrops for many wonderful poolside memories.

And, of course, since the pool is the central focus of creating the backyard oasis, don’t forget to keep it healthy and sparkling clean all year round… The professional technicians at Aquaman Pools can certainly help with that!


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