Time-Saving Tips for Maintaining the Pool in the Summer

The valley weather has made it clear that summer is here! It’s time to make a splash in the backyard and enjoy the pool. However, it’s important to note that warmer weather can create its own set of challenges for pool owners who are trying to keep their pools crystal clear, clean and safe for swimming and that can add up to more time spent maintaining the pool. But Aquaman Pools owner Chad Nikkel offers tips for upping pool maintenance while saving time.

Nikkel reminds pool owners that as pool water heats up due to hot summer days, algae can reproduce much faster — and that equates to more maintenance needed to keep it at bay. Nikkel suggests creating a routine to make it easier to remember when it’s time to manage the chemicals and clean the pool. This should be done at least once a week.

The maintenance routine should include a chemical check as well as a good cleaning. Pool owners should fill their chlorine dispenser with about four pucks to properly balance the pool water and also keep it safe for swimming. At that same time, pool owners should brush the pool down, skim the surface for debris, and empty the skimmer basket.

Routine maintenance makes it easier to keep the pool chemically balanced and looking its best. If the schedule falls by the wayside, it can take a lot more time to not only clean the pool, but to get the water back to a safe chemical balance. Adding it to the schedule, just like any other appointment, is a good way to ensure it gets done on a regular basis.

Adequate water circulation is another way to keep algae away — and this is a great one to delegate to the kids… by getting them in the pool to swim! By moving the water around as they splash and have fun, they are stirring up debris and making it easier for the skimmer to collect — thus naturally helping the filtration process. Talk about an easy and fun time-saver!

There’s an app for that! There are a multitude of apps for those tech-savvy pool owners that save time on everything from researching pool equipment and testing the water to controlling pumps, managing pool lighting and more… all at the touch of a smartphone.

Routine weekly pool maintenance can help save time spent managing the pool in the long run. Of course, the ultimate time-saver is to let the experts at Aquaman Pools take care of the pool’s maintenance… freeing up more time for the owner, and their family, to simply enjoy the fun parts of pool ownership!


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