Tips for Conserving Pool Water

April is around the corner; and while people will start using their pools much more as the weather heats up, Aquaman Pools reminds pool owners that there are ways to be conservative — even with a body of water in one’s own backyard! In light of Earth Day approaching and being more mindful of Mother Earth not just for on one day but during the whole year, consider the following ways to conserve when it comes to the swimming pool:

Reduce, Reduce, Reduce

Simply due to natural evaporation, swimming pools can lose up to a ¼-inch of water every day. However, the use of solar pool covers, reducing use of water features and foundations, and lowering the temperature when heating the water can help limit loss. In fact, solar pool covers or blankets alone can cut loss of pool water by up to 90 percent!

Don’t Overfill

A too-full pool can be counterproductive because more water can actually be lost due to splashing or jumping in and out. Maintain a consistent water level to best conserve water.

Check for Leaks

Cracks in the surface or leaks in equipment can add up to big water waste. So be vigilant about checking equipment and doing a quick “bucket test” to see how much water is being lost to determine if the pool is losing more water than usual. Leaks can occur in multiple areas of the pool including lights, drains, filter drips, vinyl linters and more. If a pool owners suspects a leak, a skilled Aquaman Pools technician is trained on how to detect and fix leaks.

Backwash with Care

Give proper care and attention to keeping pool filters (including sand and DE) to prevent debris from over accumulating and clogging the filter. To actually clean the filter, it requires the pool owner to backwash the pool. This should only be done when very necessary; however. Around 300 gallons of pool water can be consumed in just one backwash, and some filters require a backwash up to five times a year — that’s a lot of water loss! Aquaman Pools offers an alternative to traditional backwashing with the Aqua Touch Pool Purification system, which uses a high-pressure reverse osmosis technology that makes the pool water clean and safe without draining the pool. This process can save a pool owner more than 20,000 gallons of water every two or three years. It also removes impurities and toxins while also reducing the amount of chemicals needed; reduces wear and tear on pool equipment and surfaces; and over time, allows pool owners to spend less on chlorine, chemicals, and repairs over time.

There are so many ways people can be more conservative in every way. But when it comes to the pool, Aquaman can help by maintaining the pool to ensure its equipment is running properly and its chemicals are balanced. Turn to Aquaman for a clean, sparkling and conservation-friendly approach!


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