Tips for Creating an Out-of-the-Box Outdoor Environment

Spending outside time by the pool during is one of the coolest ways to survive the heat of a valley summer. And it can be a lot of fun too! Creating a complete environment surrounding the pool ensures everyone in the family can enjoy some outdoor fun this summer. Aquaman Pools offers the following suggestions for an amazing outdoor ambiance:

Gamers Paradise — For those that love sports, adding some equipment to the backyard, patio and pool can keep the gaming going all year round. Consider a small putt-putt course for the golfer in training; a basketball hoop or volleyball net can easily be added to the pool for some water sports; and a ping pong table or badminton net can add to the fun in the backyard too. For those that are remodeling or creating a new backyard environment, a pickleball court can provide hours of fun and it’s the fastest growing sport around right now!

Go “Green” — Greenery can not only create a lush environment, it can transform a desert yard into a tropical paradise. Consider adding some island-inspired plants and flowers as well as tropical hues by way of outdoor furnishings. Oversized colorful umbrellas or sunshades for example not only introduce a vacation vibe, they add much needed reprieve from the sun on a hot summer day.

Movie Zone — A relaxing movie under the stars (even from the comfort of a raft in the pool) is a great way to spend a summer night. Create a movie theater atmosphere with an oversized screen (there are many ways to make this a permanent or temporary part of a backyard environment) and some favorite flicks. Don’t forget movie snacks!

Cook it Up — Today’s outdoor cooking centers are so much more than just a grill. Consider a complete outdoor kitchen with wood-fired pizza oven, a bar, a wine fridge and community-style seating to entertain completely outside.

Bring the Inside Out — Create an outdoor living room by adding some new furnishings such as oversized comfy chairs and couches, a swing “bed” or ultra-luxe loungers that invite family members and guests to settle in and relax for a lazy summer day or night. Side tables and coffee tables, lamps and rugs can complete the ‘indoors out’ feel.

Add Some “Om” — Why not create an intimate sanctuary for yoga practice, morning meditation or quiet reading? A soothing water fountain or Japanese-inspired rock garden can set the stage for reflection, and bamboo screening is an easy way to separate the area from the remainder of the backyard to ensure seclusion and serenity. Remember, an important element of a Zen garden is a clean, uncluttered area — so keep it simple!

Of course, every outdoor environment is enhanced by a sparkling clean and clear pool! So call Aquaman Pools today!


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