Tips for Finding the Right Pool Service Company

When it’s time to hand over the task of cleaning and servicing the pool to the professionals, there is a lot to consider. Particularly in Arizona, finding a pool service company is generally not the problem — there are plenty to choose from! But quality definitely trumps quantity in this case because keeping the swimming pool clean, clear, sanitized and safe is an important job that requires skill, care and attention to detail. When a homeowner is looking for a quality pool service company, Aquaman Pools suggests they take the following into consideration. 

Where to Look — A quick Google search for “pool service companies in my area” might result in a dozen (or more!) options. However, the search should go beyond this. Ask neighbors and friends who they use and if they are happy with the service provided. Check into a company’s Better Business Bureau status and check other review sites (though it’s probably a good idea to take reviewer’s testimonials with a grain of salt). Many companies may also have testimonials on their websites.

Check their Credentials — The company should be properly qualified to do the job at hand! Always ask if they are fully certified and insured as well as up to date on any other licensing or training for their employees when it comes to service and repair. The importance of having a qualified professional tackle this job cannot be underestimated.

Get an Estimate — Before committing to a new pool service company, ask for an estimate. Most companies will offer to come out and assess the pool for free. This is a good sign of a reputable company that intends to get a good feel for the pool and the job required to maintain it before setting a monthly price. Be wary of companies that want to charge for a quote.

Find Out What it Includes — Once the service technician comes out for an inspection and provides a quote for service, it’s time to find out exactly what the service includes, and how often. For example, some service calls might simply include testing of the water and balancing of chemicals twice a month, while others can include clearing, regular inspection of equipment for preventative maintenance and other items every week. It’s important the pool owner knows what they want to have included in their service, and that the company they select can provide that complete roster of service on every visit.

The pool is one of the most important parts of a home — for investment and the lifetime of fun and memories created around it. So it should be cared for properly to protect the investment and prolong its life. Utilizing a quality, reputable pool service and repair company can help ensure this!


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